Improving Usability through jQuery

This plugin was conceived to improve usability on website's content, adding an icon on each element called through links. The ones below are supported on this version.

Demo and Download

Check the running-demo

Download: Usable Icons for jQuery v1.0


How to use

Simply add your favorite jQuery version (, add the plugin file jquery.usableicons.js and add the script call within your document. There is a customization on this:

$().usableicons('#your_id or .your_class or both comma separated');

Don't forget to link the usableicons.css and the icons folder. They contains the classes and icons that the script needs to work.

As I assume that you don't want to add the icons on EACH <a> of your layout, so you can tell the script where to apply it. You can use an #id or a .class (or both), it's up to you. Check the source of this same page.

You are free to use it and abuse, customize, and improve it.

Tnx to Rodrigo Augosto for his help on this.


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